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Hairy Ember And Her Friend 

The month of October 2006 brought with it a pleasant surprise for lovers of hairy women; high profile hairy girl Ember stars in Pam Winter´s first DVD production of the 21st century.

Ember And Her Hairy Friend has a running time of 55 minutes and opens up with Ember sitting on a couch while telling the viewer about some of her experiences as a natural, hairy woman. Dressed in jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt her rich, hairy armpits are clearly visible as she confesses to always having been quite bad at shaving. In addition she tells us how her perception of female body hair changed when, at one point in her life, she met women who didn´t feel it was necessary to shave their bodies. Ember hasn´t been in contact with a razor in years and it shows; after an introduction that lasts for approximately 10 minutes she gradually starts to undress. The talking continues and about five minutes later she gets naked before laying down on a blanket in front of the sofa.

Winter Publishing´s first DVD release since the late 90´s seems to pay tribute to the excellent Heavenly Hirsute Laurel which the company released a decade ago. This time, though, technology has improved. Ember And Her Hairy Friend has razor(!)sharp picture quality, providing the viewer with minute detail close ups of Ember´s hairy charms. Echoing Laurel´s mid 90´s poses, a generous portion of the movie is spent on a tour of Ember´s gloriously hirsute body as she lays on her back, her stomach and her side. We get to see her gorgeously hairy pits, shaggy pussy, fuzzy legs and so on in close up shots that, alas, sometimes tend to go out of focus; at times it seems as if the cameraman is in a hurry and moves too quickly from one point to another. Apart from the occasional blurry shot Pam Winter´s latest release comes out a winner; superior picture quality and knowing just what a hair lover wants to see emphasised combined with an absence of annoying background music makes this a very comfortable movie to watch.

Back to the proceedings : Fans of Laurel might experience further cases of deja vu as Ember decides to head for a public swimming pool, giving us the first opportunity to see her hairy parts delightfully enhanced by the water as she emerges from the pool. Roughly two thirds into the movie we´re back on the couch as Ember introduces us to her girlfriend, Bernadette, a pretty brunette with a curvy build. Bernadette comes across as quite shy as she repeatedly points out how relatively hairless she is compared to Ember. Bernadette admires Ember´s lush pits and they talk back and forth resulting in the former relating some of her own thoughts and experiences regarding female body hair. While Bernadette isn´t overly hairy she has lots of qualities going for her; her breasts are especially beautiful.

In a scene similar to Ember´s earlier on in the movie we are given a complete tour of her body as she lays down on the floor. Ember sits beside her and they continue to chat on and off.

The movie´s final scene shows Ember and Bernadette taking a shower together. They take turns soaping up each other´s bodies, but there´s no lesbian action taking place. Ember And Her Hairy Friend, as with the aforementioned Heavenly Hirsute Laurel, is not about sex. Instead, it´s a visual celebration of two beautiful women who aren´t ashamed of their natural, hairy bodies. In fact, Ember, who by now has become quite an experienced performer, may well be considered more attractive than ever before. She´s absolutely stunning.

Right before the end of the movie, as the two girls are emerging from the shower, Ember says something quite interesting; apparently, a follow-up is planned and it promises to show us what took place after the girls had dried off! If this is true, then let´s hope that the sequel promised by Ember manages to sustain the high standards which are set by this movie.

Winter Publishing´s timely and sudden comeback as a movie production company is a welcome one that deserves all round attention. Impressive stuff indeed.